I’ve finally added some photos. I mucked around with many different kinds of galleries for far too long. I ended up ditching the lot and just using photos in a “The Big Picture” style big-picture-dump.

I might split things into people/places/animals or something similar if I upload enough to warrant it. I have just a smidge over 10,000 photos from the last few years that I’ve never really had a good look at or edited, so if I’m feeling motivated there might be quite a few more, and that might warrant a more detailed set of galleries or something. We will see. I think I am a decent amateur photographer given the general utter lack of practice – the later shots on my backpacking trip have a much higher good:bad ratio and are generally pretty good, but that’s due to practice and the interesting things there were to see at the time. I’m very rusty now. I should shoot more.

This one below is of our food tents and the mountains near Salkantay, Peru. 30s at ISO800, and my camera left hot pixels scattered everywhere to be cleaned up. I’m most happy with the colours in this one and didn’t do anything except for cleaning up hot pixels and a slight contrast adjustment.


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