Dr Know

Dr Know is your personal health check assistant. Get free, simple reminders for your health checks and painless booking, all via SMS.

Born out of the fires of Australia’s first startup weekend for health, Dr Know was an idea that I pitched, formed a team around and spent 54 hours straight developing with 4 strangers. We’re continuing development and in promising talks with some interesting partners.

Check it out at

Simple Google App Engine RSVP System

I wrote a very basic RSVP system for my wedding. It runs on Google App Engine, so you can host it for free, or for the cost of buying a domain name and pointing it at the free App Engine hosting.

You shouldn’t even need to be that technical to use this. Get in touch with me if you have trouble.


  • Dead simple (that’s the whole point!)
  • Guests RSVP via a form
  • Acknowledgement notices
  • Acknowledgement emails
  • Details page for outlining event details
  • Report URL so you can see who has RSVPed so far.

PeelDoc – A Documentation Generator for PL/SQL

PeelDoc is a documentation generator (similar to Doxygen) for PL/SQL and SQL files. It extracts the code structure, class comments and function comments from these files, generates a set of HTML files and allows navigation through the generated content. This project was initially created  to avoid having to write my own detailed documentation.

PeelDoc details and downloads are hosted on SourceForge.

“Invoicer” (Working Title)

Painfully large simple Django / Google App Engine site to generate / manage invoices among other things. Private project, work in progress. See development log.